1 tool) Tulip Sharp Tip Fine Beading Awl with Cushion Grip Pink or Mint Green

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A great addition to your bead arsenal!

Measures just shy of 5-3/4" including a clear safety cap.

Choose from Pink or Mint Green handle.

Use the Fine Beading Awl to:

*reposition a seed bead for easier access to the needle, such as a size 15 seed bead in a tightly beaded bezel

*remove an unwanted bead from the beadwork without pliers or damaging thread by supporting the bead with your nail while pushing the awl steadily into the bead, until it splits open

*remove knots by pushing the fine tip into it, allowing the increased diameter of the awl to expand
the knot into a size that can easily be teased open

*when knotting pearls or other beads, place knots precisely where you intend

*The thin, sharp tip is perfect for making small holes and deburring objects such as pearl beads.

*The sharp needle tip is handy for untangling threads

*The easy-to-hold cushion grip fits in your hand without becoming slippery or making your hand tired.

The needle is Nickel-plated Steel, and the grip is Elastomer. Includes a plastic cap made of Clearen.

Made in Hiroshima, Japan

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