OOAK) 54x16mm Red Creek Jasper Long Teardrop Set 1 / Cab A

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Gorgeous, one of a kind 54x16mm Red Creek Jasper long teardrop cab.

This unique cab has warm, tans and beiges, with some points going to a rich, golden cream, with rust accents, and a single, semi transparent milky clear line that runs diagonally across its surface from lower left to just above the centerline on the right (if you have the cab positioned as I do in the photo, that is ;) ).

A fabulous web of striations covers the top, mostly in a deep gray, but also showing a very dark, metallic gray in some places, where the light hits it right.  

It measure about 54x16mm in size at its tallest and widest points, respectively.

Just about 4mm deep.

The back is flat for easy setting or adhesion.

Also known as Cherry Creek Jasper, and Picasso Jasper.

You will receive the exact cab shown in the main photo.

Other cabs shown are for size reference only.

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