1 pc) 18x17mm Austrian Crystal Art #6228 Heart Pendant Crystal Rainbow Dark

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1 pc) 18x17mm Austrian Crystal Art #6228 Heart Pendant in Crystal Rainbow Dark!

Each pendant is unique in its color presentation, and may include deep metallic teals, lime greens, hot magentas, striking navy blues, and even golds on one side, and is transparent medium gray on the other side. 

The gray side appears foil-backed to catch the light. 

The way the colors meld, reminds me of an oil slick. 

Some pendants favor a shorter range of colors, while others may show all of the colors mentioned above (and possibly more!), so be prepared for wide variations between pendants, as I will not be picking and matching as I place them lovingly into your sparkle cart ;) .  

These have a hole that runs from front to back near the center, top of the pendant. 

You will receive 1 pendant.

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