7 grams) 15/0 Miyuki Hex-Cut Seed Beads #15c-420 White Pearl Ceylon

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7 grams) 15C-420 15/0 Miyuki Cut Seed Beads in color #420, White Pearl Ceylon.

These are an opaque white with a special luster finish that sparkles a bit.

They are cut in a hex shape, which adds faceting, and texture to your beadwork, and catches the light for extra dazzle.

These come in a 2 inch tube stuffed as full as I can get it!

There are about 360 beads per gram (more than a regular 15 by more than 100 beads), so around 2,520 beads in a tube, though these are measured by volume, not weight, so counts are approximate ;)

Don't forget these...

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