6 pcs) SS39/8mm Preciosa Crystal Maxima Chatons Light Siam D-Foiled

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SS39 Preciosa Crystal Maxima Chaton Rhinestones, in the color Light Siam, D-foiled.

Light Siam is a bright, holiday red. It is a blue based red.

This is the SS39 size, and they are between 8.2 and 8.4mm in size.

These are D-foiled, which is short for Preciosa's Dura-foiling process, which is simply a more sturdy foiling than the regular.

The back is a high, point-back.

These are about 5.5mm deep.

Maxima Chatons are marked with Preciosa's Lead-Free Brilliance leaf.

They have no hole.

You will receive 6 sparkling stones.

Want some instant gratification? You can find the imitation rhodium sew-on settings for this size here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/882672769

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