1 cab) 51X19mm Red Creek Jasper Rectangle Cab C OOAK

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Gorgeous Red Creek Jasper Rectangle Cab.

This cab measures about 52x19.5mm in size, and about 4mm deep.

Red Creek Jasper is said to aid in Relaxation, Happiness, Tranquility, and even Compassion and Self-discipline, and who couldn't use a little support in those areas?

Colors in this piece range from khaki grey-greens, to buttery goldenrod yellow, and splashes of a chocolatey brown, with black and brown striations. This piece doesn't have any of the brick red color in it.

This cab has a smooth finish to it's lightly domed top. I'd say that the finish is polished to show the beauty of the stone, but not to a mirror level.

The back is flat for easy setting or adhesion, and is more matte.

Also known as Cherry Creek Jasper, and Picasso Jasper.

One of a kind, you will receive this exact cabochon.

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