10 yard spool) 1/2 inch Band-Aid Waterproof Tape Protects fingers while beading

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My favorite tape to protect my fingers while I bead!

1) 10 yard spool of Johnson&Johnson, Band-Aid Brand Waterproof Tape in the 1/2 inch width.

Meant to be used as a first aid supply, but I use two slightly overlapping strips on my middle and ring fingers on my primary working hand (which is my right hand, though my left is shown ;) I'm photographing with my right).

This protects my main thread pulling fingers from the "Beader's Back Stroke" when working in any style. It keeps the thread from cutting into those two fingers which, for me, are mostly responsible for keeping tension.

This is medical-grade tape.

This item is NOT made with natural rubber latex.

You will receive one spool that has 10 yards.

Self-adhesive bandaging.

Designed to be 100% waterproof, it stays on, even when wet, for durable protection.

Waterproof first aid tape helps bandages stay on, even in the shower, without coming loose.

Available in a convenient roll which helps keep tape clean and allows for easy storage.

This wound care tape is designed to tear easily by hand without the need for scissors, though sometimes I use scissors because they're right there!

It can be customized to fit any size fingers.

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