1 cab) 25x18mm Vintage 80s West Germany Glass Geode Cab Amethyst Givre

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Beautiful,25x18mm vintage 80s 3-D Geode Cab in Amethyst Givre.

Amethyst Givre is a mid-dark true purple with opaque white "ghost" splashed in there that shows through in either white, or light purple in places.

As shown in the photo featuring several cabs, you can see that the amount of white that shows through to the top of each cab, varies.

Indeed, some of the cabs are almost full white on the back, but have practically no show-through of the white or even a lightened purple.

Your cab will be chosen at random, so prepare for differences between each individual piece.

These cabs are 3-D in nature, with simulated "quartz points" jutting up from the base in many shapes and heights.

There is no foiling on the back.

The back is flat.

These measure about 25x18mm in size.

Made in Germany.

You will receive one lovely cabochon.

Don't forget these...

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