1 cab) 25x18mm Pearlized Pink Resin Brain Cab Hand Painted and Poured

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Pearlized Pink Resin "Brain" Cab!

This cab has a light pink base with a pearlized pink coating on top.

Hand painted and hand poured, in a handmade mold in very small batches, so the color from batch to batch may be slightly different, but usually isn't off by more than a shade level or so.

Based off of Vintage Glass Cabochons, created in the 1960's, they are a textured cab that I'm sure they didn't intend to look like a brain, but that's exactly what I thought of when I saw them, so, of course, I had to mold them!

This cab measures 25x18mm.

It has a textured top, and a relatively flat back (easy to adhere).

You will receive one cabochon.

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