7.5 grams) 6mm Miyuki Slender Bugles #455 Metallic Blue Iris

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6mm Miyuki Japanese Slender Bugle Beads in color #455, Metallic Blue Iris!

This is a deep, metallic blue base with a rainbow coating.

Each bead is a unique mix of every color imaginable, with purples, blue, and deep magentas dominating.

The colors shift dramatically based on the angle and lighting they are viewed by.

Slender bugles measure 1.3mm in diameter, which is about .2mm smaller than traditional bugles made by Miyuki, so they're more delicate in appearance.

Great for beadweaving and bead embroidery.

You will receive about 7.5 grams in a 2.5 inch tube stuffed as full as I can get it!

There are around 65 beads per gram, so around 487 per tube, though these are measured by volume, not by weight, so counts are approximate ;)

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