50 beads) 2mm Swarovski Crystal Art #5000 Rounds Jonquil Yellow

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Don't forget these...

They're like little Swarovski Crystal Seed Beads!

Discontinued several years ago, Swarovski is now doing a special run of colors, some never seen before in the 2mm Round bead.

2mm Swarovski Art #5000 Round Beads in the special production color Jonquil!

Jonquil is a delicate pastel yellow. On the warm side of pastel yellow.

Very sparkly!

NOTE: The modern run of 2mm Rounds is closer to a 1.9-2.1-mm around by 1.68mm hole to hole! This is slightly larger than the "old" known "2mm" size, which runs between 1.81 and 1.83mm. It is a small difference, but matters if you're working a precision piece, so is worth noting.

These are the Swarovski Advanced Crystals that are lead-free.

Fantastic for beadweaving, and also for dance costume!

You will receive 50 beads total.

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