20) SS24
20) SS24
20) SS24
20) SS24
20) SS24
20) SS24

20) SS24_Rare Vintage 1940s Swarovski DSW Starlight Silver Chaton Rhinestones

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Rare Vintage 1940s or before, Swarovski DSW Chaton Rhinestones in the color Starlight Silver.

Starlight Silver appears, to my eye, to be a light grey base, coated in a reflective purple and blue coating. Occasional greens present.

A bit like a more purple/blue Paradise Shine, if that makes sense.

They have a silver foil backing that is in very good condition.

Are the SS24 size, so between 5.3 and 5.4mm in size.

They have a deeply peaked back, to form a diamond shape.

Both the top, and the back are faceted to catch the light.

The packaging dates back to at least 1949, but Swarovski used that style of logo for a long time before that, so it's tough to pinpoint a more accurate date without a receipt.

The inside flap of the package is stamped "Property of Biltmore Jewelry Co", which we know existed pre 1945.

A bit of "something old" and "something Blue" for your wedding?

You will receive 20 lovely vintage stones.

Materials: vintage Swarovski crystal, Genuine Swarovski.