Tulip Beading Needles All Sizes

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Tulip Beading Needels in Size 10 Long, Size 10 Sharp (Short), Size 11 Long, Size 11 Sharp (Short), Size 12 Long, Size 13 Long, and an Assorted Pack with one each of 10 long, 10 Sharp (short), Size 11 Long, and Size 12 Long.

You'll receive 4 needles in a vial in Size 10 long, Size 10 Sharp, Size 11 Long, and Size 11 Sharp, and the Assortment Pack.

You will receive 2 needles in a vial in Size 12 Long or Size 13 Long.

All Longs are about about 2 inches long.

Sharps are about 1.45 inches long.

Gold-colored eye makes it easier to thread.

Stiff, yet flexible.

Beading needles are specially designed for beadwork. Tulip beading needles are easy to thread, bendable yet strong and warp resistant, with a slightly rounded point to avoid splitting the thread

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