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Needle Size

John James brand English-style Beading Needles in the 25 piece bulk pack!

The sizes are 10 Short, 10, 10 Curved, 11, 12, and 13.

You will receive a 25 piece envelope containing whichever size you choose.

This is not a multi-size pack, as the envelope is all one size.
Size 10 Short 32.5mm length x 0.46mm diameter
Size 10 and Size 10 Curved 55mm length x 0.46mm diameter
Size 11 51mm lengthx 0.41mm diameter
Size 12 51mm length x 0.36mm diameter
Size 13 49mm length x 0.30mm diameter

The higher the number, the finer the diameter.

These all have a sharp pointed end.

The current production of these are sometimes made in England, and sometimes in China to the company's standards. If you wish to know where the current size or style you're looking for are made, please contact me before purchase!

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