Angelina Film Sampler Mardi Gras_4 inch wide by 3 feet long

Angelina Film Sampler Mardi Gras_4 inch wide by 3 feet long

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Hot Fix Angelina Film 3 color Sampler Set in Mardi Gras!

Of course, this is called Hot Fix, but it's more like a Hot Fusion, and only to itself! It does NOT iron on to fabric of any kind that I can find, but it is sewable, and washable, so it can be added to clothing.

I will describe here the colors, double layered, and fused. Keep in mind that, by its very nature, Angelina Film can change colors wildly in different lighting and against certain colors, such as white, or black. I'll do my best, though, and ask for your patience. Each color is transparent with a light metallic finish. The transparency can vary depending on lighting and background conditions.

Mardi Gras: Lemon, Ultraviolet, and Peacock.

Lemon is a vibrant, almost neon yellow with a light, golden orange and green sheen against white, and a more coppery orange against black.

Ultraviolet is a neutral grey base with a bright blue and purple sheen.

Peacock is a Teal Green and Blue with occasional purple and gold chasers.

You will receive one pack, holding the three colors described. You will get one 4 inch wide by 3 foot long piece of each color in the pack.

These make great fairy wings, or insect wings!

Fantastically fun, all “hot fix” Angelina, whether in fiber or film form, is heat bondable – it bonds when heat and pressure are applied. Place it between two sheets of paper towels or pressing sheets, iron on silk setting for 3 seconds and it becomes a shiny sheet of polyester fabric that can be stamped, stitched, glued, bonded, embellished . . . the possibilities are truly endless! And, it’s machine washable!

It has also been successfully used in its unbonded form for flytying -- it makes great nymphs -- and it is perfect for spinning!

Angelina Fibers are also marketed as "Fantasy Fibers" and "Deco Fibers". Angelina Film is also knows as "Textiva".