Vintage Brass 'Star Trek' Brooch Pin 72x37mm Base 1970's

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Neat vintage Brass Brooch/Pinback from the 1970's.

It reminds me of the Star Trek 'swoosh' communicator pins, though I doubt that was the intention of the design.

The pin is not flat, but is actually shaped on a curve. I have attempted to show the curve as much as possible in the photos, but it isn't exactly a deep curve.

There is a 'locking' 38mm pinback soldered to the back on the long side of the curve, as shown. The pinback is in a dull silvertone, possibly old nickel silver.

The brass is naturally tarnished, so the color is a patina brown with a brassy yellow peeking out. 

This pin is certainly polishable if you desire a high shine yellow brass.

This would make an excellent base for bead embroidery, or as a glue pad for crystals, or a base for Crystal Clay in my opinion.

You will receive 1 brooch.