18x13mm Glass Evil Eye Cab Hazel Green Oval

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A nice alternative to the round evil eyes!

The surround is a muted green with a metallic toasted almond brown.

This color was sold to me as Vitrail Medium, but it is definitely NOT that color. There is no pink at all, and its colors are very soft comparatively.

I would say that this is a lot closer to a lighter version of the one called Sahara, which is a more potent green/brown hazel color.

Said to protect against the Evil Eye.

Hand-painted Czech Glass by Preciosa.

They are oval, and measure 18mmx13mm in size.

They have a flat foil back with a slight concave spot where the design is.

They DO NOT have a hole!

You will receive 1 Cabochon.

An excellent addition to a belly dance costume!