*Instant Download* Sparkly Spider Earrings PDF Peyote Stitch Bracelet Pattern

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Creepy, Crawley, Fabulous! 

Worn at Halloween, or all year 'round, these Crystal Spider Earrings are sure to amaze and delight! 

This is a great project that uses only a few crystals or round beads, which you probably already have laying around!

Quick and easy, this project should take an hour or less to complete.

Skill level: Advanced Beginner with Wrapped Wire Loop (ie Earring Basics) pre-requisite. 

The tools used are Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, and Wire Cutters. A ruler, and Sharpie-style marker, and optionally a bench vice (but you can use your knees as well ;).

With the small earwires that I used, my finished pair measures just over 1-1/4" in length, but that will vary slightly depending on which earwires you use, and how large your wrapped wire loop is.

This is an instant download with full-color instructions.

This pattern is for your own personal or small business use.