18x13mm Rainbow Sunburst Czech Glass Cabochon

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I love these so much!

Czech Glass Cabochon in and Octagon Shape in the color Vitrail Medium.

Vitrail Medium encompasses many colors in the rainbow, so have a mostly green stone with hints of blue, pink, gold and orange.

The colors shift a bit as the stone turns.

This is an Octagon "emerald cut" shape, and is 18x13mm in size.

There is a stippling pattern the radiates out from the center of the stone in a wedge pattern that makes the 'sunburst' or 'ray' pattern.

The stippling pattern shows up as a little 'frosted' with a silvery sheen, and the color is lighter in those spots, enhancing the pattern.

The top is table-cut with a beveled edge, and the back is peaked.

They are silver-foil backed to catch the light.

For those of you who are used to the Swarovski Crystal color Vitrail Medium, just know that the glass version is a little lighter, and not quite as rich. I've done my best to accurately represent the color as I see it, but there are differences in devices and monitors, so keep that in mind!

You will receive 1 stone.