16mm Vitrail Medium_3/4 Disco Balls_Swarovski Crystal #4869_Vintage

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This is Swarovski article #4869, a 3/4 Disco Ball Cabochon in the Vitrail Medium.

Vitrail Mediums is a vibrant mix of green, fuchsia, oranges, yellows and blue.

The color is brightest from straight on and, as you travel down the sphere, it becomes more and more feint, until it goes clear completely at a side-on angle, as I've tried to show in the photos.

It has a flat surface that is foil-backed.

The surface has many, many facets, like a disco ball!

It measures 16mm and it does not have a hole.

This is a Vintage Swarovski Stone, and has long since been discontinued.

You will receive one stone.